7 wonders: Cities Expansion set

Hello everybody. If you have been following my blog you know I am a big gamer. I will play any game at least once and the good ones get played again! The real good ones get played all the time. Seven Wonders is one of those great games. We have played seven Wonders so much that the cards are worn out. What could be better than that! An Add on to one of the best games ever. 7 wonders the cities expansion. In this ad on you get 27 new era cards, 2 new cities, and 5 leaders that can be used with the leader expansion. It also added 2 new strategies to the game, diplomacy and incurring debt.

Seven Wonders Cities expansion


Seven Wonder Cities Expansion

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Play Rating 10/10

Must Have!


seven wonders cities

This great expansion set adds 9 city cards for each of the three eras, three guild cards, 6 leader cards, 2 wonder boards, 2 wonder cards, a new score booklet, rulebook, help sheet, debt tokens, diplomacy tokens and defeat tokens. This expansion really brings this great game to a whole new level. I highly recommend this add on. Its almost essential to have it.


Robert Tufano

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