About Me

Hi my name is Bob and I am the creator of tabletopwargames.siterubix.com.WIN_20160820_11_39_29_Pro

I was fortunate enough to grow up in the hay day of board games, strategy games and role playing games, in the 1970’s and 1980’s. My friends and I would go down to Waterloo, the local game store,  pick up a game on Friday and play it all weekend. The game could be on anything from the growth of the Renaissance to tank battles on the Russian Steppes in 1944. The really good games would get played quite a few times. I still play the great games today and am part of a huge community of people who get together and roll the dice regularly.

Why are games and gaming important today more than ever.

Those weekends locked in mortal cardboard combat form some of my fondest memories even today all these years later. The people that I played those games with became and still are some of my closest friends. They teach us logic, math, strategy, how to think ahead. We learn about era’s gone by like the Greeks and Romans and some of the most important events in human history like world war 2. They teach us about good and evil. How good people rise up to defend their family, friends and way of life.

The games also taught me how to communicate and interact with people on a level not seen today in the computer gaming era. Recently there has been a resurgence of board games, the family night and the Friday night fights like we used to call them. I created this web site to help people find the right game.

The right game in the right hands can become not just a game, but a hobby, a passion and a great teacher. That’s why I created this web site. I hope you find it useful and enjoy it.

Great Gaming and have fun