Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit 1 review: Welcome to WW2

ASL Starter Kit 1

ASL Starter Kit 1


Publisher Multimanpublishing

tactical board game

Suggested Price $25.00

Place to buy www. Amazon.com

Rating 8 out of 10


Advanced Squad Leader is a tactical level board game centered around World War 2. The Original game ,Squad Leader was published in the late 1970’s. World War 2 is very complicated and as the game was played it was revised through the addition of Cross of Iron, Crescendo of Doom and GI Anvil of victory. These gammettes as they were called added rules to the game to make it more realistic. Eventually Squad Leader was reprinted in 1985 as Advanced Squad Leader.

Advanced Squad leader is the ultimate in tactical board combat with all the major and minor nationalities represented in over one dozen modules and several historical games. That can be quite daunting to a new player starting out so multimanpublishing presented a streamlined Starter Kit system. For the 25.00 dollar purchase price you get 2 map boards, almost 300 counter, rulebook, 6 scenarios and dice.

The stand alone game has everything you need to get started in this great game or just to play a simple game with family and friends on a weekend night. If you do decide to go further Multimanpublishing has

starter kit 2ASL Starter kit 2and starter kit 3

Starter kit 3

Starter kit 3

The Starter Kits provide a great gaming experience in their own right. They use real Advanced Squad Leader counters so that if you decide to go to the full advanced Squad leader game system nothing is lost. The counters boards etc. Are all compatible with the full game.

I highly recommend starter kits 1 2 and 3. For a minimal expense you are getting experience and exposure in the best tactical board game. This can lead to a hobby that lasts a life time or just some Saturday Night cardboard combat. Either way its a winner.



Robert Tufano


  1. Nice site Bob! ASL Starter Kit was how I learned the system and i used them as a stepping stone to go to full ASL. I highly recommend initially going the Starter Kit route for anyone interested in learning this great system!

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