ASL Scenario W2 The front in Flames

Hello everybody. Just finished playing the ASL scenario w2 Front in Flames. This is a small scenario with 5 German Squads vs 8 Russian squads. The Russians have 2 leaders and one light machine gun while the Germans have 2 leaders and 2 light machine guns. There are several great things about this scenario that will make it a classic and a must play for the experienced player as well as the newbie.

First is that it is small. This gives both players the opportunity to absorb all the possible rules etc. to really get a good playing experience out of it. Second the set up changes from each playing. The entrance of each side is always varied so it never plays the same twice. Third it goes quick. you can set it up and play in about 2 hours. Fourth it teaches you small unit tactics which is the basis of ASL. I have been playing ASL since 1985 and this was a very enjoyable scenario even though I got thumped. I highly recommend it. Play it and see how you like it and let me know what you think.



  1. I really enjoyed this scenario as well (I was the guy that did the thumping as the Germans!!!)

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