Bjorn’s first dungeon: Kobolds in the Dark

Bjorn’s First Adventure

Bjorn sat down in front of Chief Cleric Olaf’s wooden desk waiting patiently for his boss to come back. He held the leathery parchment with the broken O seal on it, reciting his prayers to Thor, running his finger around his silver hammer. As he admired the tapestries adorning his boss’s walls he heard the echo of footsteps on the marble hallways of Thor’s temple. The heavy oaken door slid open easily and Olaf’s hulking form strode by Bjorn effortlessly and sat down at his desk.

Bjorn waited patiently to be spoken to by his superior. After what felt like an eternity Olaf cleared his throat and addressed his minion.

“Bjorn I have a job for you. A local tradesman promises a substantial donation if we can recover his daughter from a local thug band. I of course cannot lower myself to do this kind of work but a young cleric like you might find it interesting and it might give you favor in Thor’s eyes.”

“Of course I will recover the girl for a true believer. When do you want me to leave sir?”

“In the morning should be sufficient Bjorn. I suggest you go pray to Thor, get some rest and prepare.”

During a restful night sleeping and studying his Player’s Handbook, Bjorn has prepared the following spells he thinks he might need on his quest to save Kapra; Guiding Bolt, Purify food and drink, Inflict wounds, cure wounds and Bane. Adding these to his permanent abilities should help him in his quest and more importantly bring glory to Thor.

Bjorn's Cantrips and permanent abilities.

Bjorn’s Cantrips and permanent abilities.

Bjorn left his temple early and walked through the forest path where Kapra, the tradesman’s daughter, was last seen. Bjorn used all his skills and senses to try to get an idea where she could have been taken. He carefully walked through the wooded path where Kapra last walked. The dungeon master has decided that it would be difficult for an adventurer to find the Kobold hidden path. So Bjorn’s task check is a 20 or higher to find the hidden Kobold path. He has to have a final modified die roll a 20 or higher on a 20 sided die after all his bonuses.

Bjorn's skill table

Bjorn’s skill table

Bjorn’s modifier for perception is a +6. In essence if he rolls a 14 or higher on his handy 20 sided die he will find the hidden path. If the path was really well hidden the final modified die roll might have been a 25. But these are Kobolds who are not particularly smart. The Dungeon master rolls a six sided die behind his Dungeon master’ screen. Bjorn does not know it but the 2 the DM rolled has determined that if Bjorn fails to find the path after 2 tries the Kobolds might just find him instead. Bjorn’s first roll is a 7, +6 for his perception is a 13, not nearly enough. He scouts around a little more and rolls again. This time he rolls an 11 on the 20 sided die. Even adding his +6 modifier only gets him to 17. While he was scouting around the woods he has attracted the attention of a roving Kobold patrol. The three kobolds sneak around the distracted cleric and prepare to pounce on their easy prey. The DM now has Bjorn roll a perception again which he rolls a final total of 19. The Dm tells Bjorn “You hear a twig snap and all the birds have stopped singing.” Bjorn lifts his head up to see three humanoid creatures covered in scales, getting ready to fire sling shots at him. Each one is about 5 feet tall, thin in stature with a long tail. Bjorn now rolls a d20 to see if he recognizes these creatures.

Kobold page 195 of the monster manual.

Kobold page 195 of the monster manual.

He rolls a 7 and does not know what they are but he does know he is in trouble.

Roll another D20. This time he rolls an 8. Bjorn does not know it but he has rolled his initiative roll for the coming fight with the Kobold band. Check in with us for the next chapter of Bjorn’s adventure.