Card Sleeves! The furnace of gaming.The most important overlooked game component.

Standard American card sleeve by Fantasy flight games

Hello everybody. I’m sorry its a been a while since I posted because of the holidays and the move to my new store location. I am sitting in my nice warm studio while it is snowing outside and is bitter cold. I have come to the realization that one of the most important components in my house is the furnace. Its always there. works when we need it and it protects the entire house. But no one ever really notices it or looks at it. In the gaming world a similar component just as important to almost every deck building game is the card sleeve. It keeps your cards, warm, well protected and always ready to be used. Now in all fairness pokemon and Magic the gathering have been using card sleeves for years to protect those collectible cards. In games like clank for example the cards are not collectible per se but they are invaluable to the gaming experience and if they get worn out or ruined they game looks worn and uninviting. In fact some of the games like clank provide space in their plastic boxes to store the cards in card sleeves.

clank game with cards in sleeves

Therefore I felt I should put up a small blurb about the furnace of the deck building world, The card sleeve. I am using the Fantasy flight card sleeves that are standard American size. In game terms the sleeves are the appropriate size for games like clank and Pandemic etc. There are card sleeve sizes for almost every game that uses cards from the small European style cards to the larger square cards. Since you do not want to hide the artwork the clear card sleeves are the best. In this example I will show a typical clank card out and in the sleeve.

clank card unsleeved

artwork looks great sleeved

As you can see the card still looks great, the print is clear and it will never wear out. The sleeves are also slippery enough to make the shuffling of the cards much easier and much more thorough. The fantasy flight sleeves are well made, durable and not particularly expensive. You get a package of 50 sleeves for about 4 dollars. A small investment to protect some games that you paid almost 60-70 dollars for.

Standard American card sleeve by Fantasy flight games

overall Value 10/10

absolute necessity

Replay value 10/10 because they protect your game

10 pack available as well as single packs




Overall card sleeves are probably one of the most unglamorous, but most important, aspects of gaming. But just like your furnace they are one of the most invaluable. Let me know what you think of this article and drop me a note at bob@table-top-war-games.com. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and take care.

Robert Tufano

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