Dice Towers: every gamers necessity

Several people have been asking me about Dice Towers. The dice tower is a necessity for any game that needs to use dice. From Advanced Squad leader to dungeons and dragons and every game in between. These can be simple in design to fancy and can represent a particular game or the personality of the player. With that in mind I figured we could use a review of this gaming necessity. The most important feature for any dice tower is the size of the dice it can handle. For some people portability and size are issues. I would recommend a wooden dice tower large enough to handle role playing dice.


Deluxe Dice tower

Deluxe Dice tower

Deluxe Dice Tower

Best place to buy Amazon

Price $59.95

Review 10/10

The workman ship on this tower is awesome. The Souza wood company is known for great wood work. This tower can handle all the dice you need to play your game. I have used a wooden dice tower of similar construction for years and it never lets me down. If you would like a less expensive tower there are several plastic ones out there which are good as well. How ever you need to be careful and make sure they can handle the size and number of dice. The dice boot below is a good plastic dice tower and it breaks down easily so that you can transport it to tournaments. The only problem I have seen with this one is that the dice make a lot of noise on the way down. Some people like the noise.

Plastic portable dice tower.

Plastic portable dice tower.

Plastic Dice Boot

Best place to buy Amazon

Price 19.99

Rating 8/10


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Robert Tufano


  1. Nice. I love playing with dice. I use them for so many different games. Nowadays, people don’t play board games anymore. Well, at least not the general public. People just play on their phones and call it a day. When I was little, my friends and I all owned monopoly board games. We would gather at each other’s houses and bring all the dice. In the end we have seven dices overall and we roll it all at once every turn. It was so hilarious to watch our piece skip through all the lands after one roll. It was really good times. Nowadays we don’t play monopoly anymore. We gather together to practice craps (casino game). It’ still a lot of fun. Nice dice there.

    • Hi thanks for taking the time to check out my web site. I know dice bring back memories as a kid. I have been playing games my whole life and have thrown dice millions of times. Looking back on it a ot of my friends were able to fudge the dice. I wish I had dice towers back then. LOL

      take care and beset of luck

  2. I had never even heard of these till I read your post – but they look like a great idea.

    My oldest son is heavily into Dungeons and Dragons just at the moment, I’m sure he’d be delighted with one of these – the wooden one would suit him best I suspect.

    • Dungeons and Dragons is my favorite roll playing game. I have lost many a foolish fighter to the flames of a mean old dragon protecting her hoard. Laughed the whole way

      take care and best of luck

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