Game Reviews

Through my 4 decades of game playing I have tried just about every type of game. During my career I have rolled the dice in ancient Greece an board a ship trying to ram my opponent, sailed the Constitution against the British, drove tanks against the German onslaught and drew my sword in a hopeless battle against a dragon. The one thing they have in common is that they were all enjoyable and I remember some of the most epic battles like they were yesterday. I have also bought some clunkers in my day as well. That’s the purpose of this web site.

I want to make sure you get the right games for you. Some people want to build civilizations, others want to fight for the allies during world war 2. Others simply want to relax and play a card game on a Saturday night with some friends. Games have evolved over the decades. When I come across a new game I will post the review here.

In the meantime if you come across a game you would like to hear about drop me a note at I will do my best to get a copy of the game and see what its like.

Good Gaming and best of luck


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