Hammer Time:

The dungeon master rolls initiative for the 3 kobolds on his D20 and gets a 17, 9 and 4. Two of the kobolds are going to attack first. They opt to use their long range weapon. All of a sudden two of the kobolds use their sling shots and hurl their stones at the unsuspecting cleric. If you look at the statistics of the Kobold the DM gets to add +4 to the to hit rolls for the sling shot.

Kobold to hit bonus monster manual page 195

Kobold to hit bonus
monster manual page 195

He rolls a 15 and a 12. +4 makes the 15 go up to a 19 and the 12 to a 16. One of the stones flies true and hits Bjorn in the headpiece of his armor.

Kobold damage results monster manual page 195.

Kobold damage results
monster manual page 195.

OWWW! and rolls a D4 and adds +2 to the roll. He rolls a 2 on the D4 for a total of 4 damage to Bjorn. The second rock hits Bjorn right in the breast plate and falls harmlessly to the ground. Now you will notice there are 2 values for the damage. The 4 is the average damage that can be rolled. Some dungeon masters like to use this value. I prefer to roll the 1 d4 and add 2. It makes the game more interesting but both are fine. Also you can use the 4 to see how much damage the creatures can do to determine how many can be used to make the encounter fun for the players without crushing them.

Bjorn refers to the Player’s Handbook, Chapter 9 and sees he can do an action and move up to his speed which in Bjorn’s case is 30 feet. Bjorn lets out a blood curdling war holler and charges head long into the Kobolds charging at the Kobold who has not attacked yet. You shall die in the Name of THOR!!!!!! Swinging his might battle ax he takes aim at the kobold who is trying to get his knife out, and rolls a 19.  Bjorn gets to add +1 to his roll for a total of 20.

Bjorn's Attack Stats attack bonus and damage bonus

Bjorn’s Attack Stats
attack bonus and damage bonus

We check Bjorn’s sheet and we see he rolls a D8 for damage with his Warhammer and then he gets to add+1 for his strength. Bjorn rolls a 4 on his D8 and he gets to add 1 for a total of 5 damage.

With a loud thump he catches the Kobold in the chest crushing his ribs. The kobold’s lifeless body falls to the floor because he only had 5 hit points and Bjorn did a total of 5 damage with his mighty Warhammer. This round of combat is over. The next round starts in the same order according to the initiative rolls Bjorn and the Kobold’s rolled previously. So the Kobolds will go first and Bjorn will go last. The kobolds pull their daggers out and they attack Bjorn. The first kobold rolls a 10 and then adds 4 for a total of 14. His dagger bounces off of Bjorn’s armor. The second Kobold rolls a 16 and then add +4 for a total of 20. He rolls a 2 on his d4 and then gets to add 2 for a total of 4 hit points of damage. Bjorn is in trouble now he is down to 4 hit points and he has 2 bad guys attacking him. All of a sudden a loud clap of thunder and lightning leaves his left hand and engulfs the kobold that hit him. Bjorn has reacted with his wrath of the storm and blasted his foul attacker. Bjorn refers to the Player’s Handbook page 62 and forces the Kobold to take a dexterity check vs his 14 spell save seen on his spell page.

Bjorn's magic stats

Bjorn’s magic stats

According to the Kobold stats in the monster manual, The kobold can add +2 for his save attempt. He rolls a 10 on a D20 adding +2 for a total of 12. He fails the save check. Bjorn rolls 2 D8 and gets a total of 10 on the damage roll. The Kobold disintegrates in the lightning bolt to a pile of ash.  Bjorn cannot attack because he reacted to the last attack so now we go to the next round of combat. The Kobold still gets to go first and he decides to run back 30 feet and attack with his sling shot again. He rolls a 15 with his D20 and gets to add +4 to hit for a total of 19 He hits!

Bjorn’s adventure could be over. The dm rolls and gets a 1 on his D4 for a total of 3 Hit points. Bjorn only has one hit point left. Bjorn decides to cast his guiding bolt spell instead of attacking the kobold. He refers to his player’s handbook quickly. A bolt of light leaves Bjorn’s hand and flies right at the kobold who cannot believe this lowly human is still standing. Bjorn rolls a 10 on the D20 which would miss but Bjorn gets to add +6 for his spell attack bonus for a total of 16. This beats the armor class of 12 for the kobold. He gets engulfed in light and starts screaming. Bjorn rolls 4 D6 for a total of 12 hit points. The kobold’s lifeless body falls to the floor still shining brightly. Bjorn crosses off his spell slot and he kneels down in thanks to Thor. That battle took a lot out of Bjorn so he is going to have to find a quiet spot to rest, reflect and pray to Thor before he can go any farther.