Miniatures Games

Miniatures games can be the most visually appealing to the gamer and to the observer. Miniature gaming is actually two hobbies in one. Many of the games come with unassembled and or unpainted soldiers. The hobbyist can paint the miniatures to his liking. He or she can do the research to paint them historically or they can use their own style. There is also a third aspect to miniatures gaming, making suitable and realistic looking terrain to fight over. French Grenadiers advancing on Wellington’s redcoats over well manicured countryside in 15mm detail makes for an enjoyable experience for the players and the audience as well.

Some of the newer games come with professionally painted miniatures that look great, they bring the battle to life quickly and they are visually appealing to the player and the audience. Nothing beats an X-Wing blasting a Tie Fighter out of space or a Messerschmitt dogfighting a Spitfire in 1940 over the cliffs of Dover ,all in beautful three dimensional detail.

In this part of my website I will show comparisons of different games as well as rules examples, play examples and even videos showing how to play the various games.

If there are any games you would like to know about please drop me a note.