Munchkin! An introduction to great world of gaming.

Munchkin is a fun game to break someone into the fantastic world of gaming. This little card game can turn the most cynical person into a gamer. Turn a week night into an evening of dungeon diving and hilarity.

Munchkin components

The components are well made and well written. The cards are simple to understand. The creatures are original and fun. The items available to the players are well though out. A player can wield  the bloody chain saw of dismemberment and deceive the denizens of the dungeons with the cloak of obscurity.

cloak of obscurity
typical Munchkin card

We played several games at the store, being all new players each game took about an hour to play. The group worked together to defeat a 14th level insurance salesman as well as the ravaging gazebo. That’s just an example of how much fun this game could be. Its definitely worth a look and you will be playing it for years to come with lots of different people.


List Price $ 24.99

Component Rating 8/10

Fun rating 10/10

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Robert Tufano


  1. I have never heard of this card game before. What type of atmosphere will it create when playing it with others? I know games like PITT with my family are a huge hit because we get to yell and scream and that creates a fun atmosphere for my crazy family. Any input will help before I decide to buy!

    • Hi It actually makes for a lot of fun. Your friends can help you through the dungeon but if you get too close to winning they stab you in the back. All we did was laugh. The one game I won I just hung back and watched for quite a while, when the other players got close to winning a sent my insurance salesman to attack them. It does not get any better than that. The cards are well written and easy to understand. I actually posted a play through video on you tube at J and D Hobbies channel. Thanks for taking the time to reply and best of luck to you.

      This game is really a blast.

  2. I’ve always been a fan of board games. Especially medival themed ones because I’m a fan of PC games like WoW so something similar but in card version wouls be great. This Munchkin game sounds just like the perfect match!

    Spending a night playing a board game with your close ones is superbly cool and I know what it feels when you enter a winning streak lol.

    Thanks for introducing us to this awesome card game, cheers!

    • Thanks for checking out my site. Thanks for the kind words too. You are right. Nothing beats you and your closest buds locked in cardboard combat! Munchkin is an absolute blast. just watch out for the Insurance salesman he is a tough monster to beat in that game. LOL

      take care and best of luck.

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