Oregon Laminations: Customer service is awesome!

Hello everybody. If you have been following my blog you know that I recently started to clip my counters. I have been using the Oregon Laminations 2 mm corner trimmer which is a great tool. Suddenly last weekend it broke while I was clipping my Italian counters IN My ASL kit. The handle just snapped. I called Oregon Laminations the following day. I had no receipt because I got it as a gift but they said send it back and they would take a look. They replaced it with a brand new one. Barely a week later and I just finished those same Italian counters. They priority shipped a new one No questions asked. I can only say that the product is great and the company behind it is awesome. I highly recommend this company. You can buy with confidence from them. Once Again a great thumbs up to Oregon Laminations!

Robert Tufano

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