Role Playing Games

dungeons and dragons the first real role playing game

dungeons and dragons the first real role playing game

Role playing games are one of the most interactive game types around. A group of players work together in a universe created by a game master. Each player has a character with special abilities, strengths and weaknesses. The characters have to work together to make it in the game master’s world.

The beauty of role playing is that it brings out imagination and teamwork. Whether they are trying to navigate their pirate ship, Fly to the next Parsec on their freighter or slay the dragon and recover the hoard it will make for a night of fun, adventure and memories.

Role playing games bond people together in a common cause and those bonds can enter the normal world as well. Some of my closest friends started out as a mage in my party or the copilot of my 100 ton freighter fleeing the spaceport of a far away planet. The only limit is your imagination.

Let me know if there are any games you would like to know about.