Seven Wonders Game System. Building Civilization one card at a time.

Seven Wonders started out as a deck building game and has grown to be one of the top games in the world today. Here we have a complete list of what’s available and what is coming out. This great game system starts from the basic game seven Wonders.

Seven Wonders game

In the basic game you get to build one of 7 ancient civilizations and to dominate the other players through, science, architecture, military and economics. With the A and B sides the games always vary and never play the same. Its a quick intuitive game and will make short work of boredom. Its one of the best games I have ever played. Once you get the hang of the basic game you can add on to it with a variety of extensions. There are many extensions to this game and we will start Leaders.

Seven Wonders Leaders expansion


Seven Wonders leaders contents

The Leaders Expansion adds 36 leader cards, 4 new guilds and Rome to this great game. The amount of game play this expansion adds is fantastic. It brings the game to a whole new level. I highly recommend this expansion.

Seven Wonders Leaders MSRP 29.99

Rating 10/10

Play value 10/10

Highly recommended, A necessity


The Next Expansion for Seven Wonders is the Cities Expansion. This fantastic addition to this great game adds 27 era cards, more leaders cards plus 2 more civilizations. It also introduces team play and encourages more interaction between the players. It adds another dimension to this multilayered game.

Seven Wonders Cities expansion

seven wonders cities

Seven Wonders Cities Expansion MSRP $29.99

Rating 10/10

Play value 10/10

Highly recommended , A Necessity




The Next Expansion to this game system is the wonders Pack. This is a small pack which adds 4 new civilizations with special rules for each of them which are interesting and fun but not a necessity. They are Stonehenge, Abu Simbel, Mannekin Pis and The Great Wall of China. This is a nice addition but it is not a necessity.

Seven Wonders Wonder pack

The next expansion is actually a double expansion. The Babel expansion. It adds the tower of Babel and additional projects that make the game a lot more variable. This addition is a great value and adds some complexity to the game. If you are a seven wonders fan than this is the expansion for you.

Seven Wonders Babel expansion


components of Seven Wonders Babel expansion 




This concludes our review of the present Seven Wonders game system. I hope you enjoyed reading this page and let me know what you think about our reviews here. Contact me at You can pick up this game from us at J and d hobbies by contacting me or you can get it through amazon by linking on the various links throughout the page. Either way pick up this great game and start building your civilization one card at a time. Best of luck and great gaming.


  1. This game looks to be very interesting. I am looking to buy a game for my 10-year-old grandson for his next birthday so was wondering if this game would be something that will interest him. Would you recommend this game to be suitable for him – or can you recommend something more appropriate?

    • This game is great for a 10 year old boy. One or 2 play throughs and he will be good to go. It uses pictures to help you build cities etc. In my store we have several boys and girls between 9 and 15 and they all play together. They all understand the game and play it really well. I have not won a game in quite a while. You might need an adult just to do the math at the end to see who wins but the game play is fast simple an really fun. But once he sees how its done it will be second nature to him. Best of luck and take care.

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