Supremacy! An Old favorite reborn.


1980’s classic Supremacy

Hello everyone . Sorry about the delay in posting onto the blog but it has been crazy here at home. Recently my gaming group has developed a hankering for playing some older games that are enjoying a resurgence in the Gaming world.  I blew off the dust of my copy of Supremacy. We have not laughed that hard in a long time. Supremacy pits 3-6 players against each other to take over the 1980’s world without doing too much damage to it. You can use armies, navies, nukes, your economy and the worlds economy to destroy your opponents with the fear of nuclear winter looming in the distance. The game play is simple and fast, the games play long but the time goes by quickly, especially when Peru and Poland get nuked!

1980’s classic Supremacy

Supremacy $129.99


Play Value 8/10

Recommendation 8/10

Replayability 10/10

Supremacy Game

In a quick review the only weakness would be the way the rules were written in my version of the game. I found the edited version on line and it made the game much easier to understand. The map board is clean crisp and easy to play on. The game components are simple but well made and very durable. I think this game will make a great addition to your gaming collection and will bring hundreds of hour of fun for your gaming group. This game is a classic and I intend to keep playing it for a long time. Let  me know what you think about this post and my website in general at bob@table-top-war-games.com. If you want to learn the latest news in the gaming world check out this site and also www.theadvancedsquadleaderexperience.com.

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