Timeline Challenge: Playing your way through history

Time line challenge board game

Recently I obtained a copy of Timeline Challenge by Frederic Henry and Cyril Demaegd. I have to admit that I was hesitant to play this game because I am a terrible trivia game player but the guys at the store wanted to try it so we broke it out. I was pleasantly surprised. This is not just a straight trivia game. It uses a unique system of questioning that gives everyone a chance to win the game.  Its not just knowledge but strategy as well. To advance along the board the players have to succeed at 5 separate trial types and possibly 2 challenges. The five trials are unique and fun.

timeline challenge board

The first is to guess which era on the time line each of 4 events occurred the more you get right the more spaces you move.

timeline trial section

The second trial is to guess the difference in years between 2 events, the person who is closest to the number of years between the 2 events moves up the board,

The split trial

the third challenge is to guess the exact year of an event, the more digits you get right in the year determines how far you go along the board,

the right date trial

Fourth you have to put 4 events in the right order with regards to each other possibly using the timeline as a guide. The more events you have in the correct order the more spaced you move, this is called the combination trial.

The combination trial

finally you have to figure out during which era on the time line an event occurred, you can go for broke or you can use strategy to get 1 or 2 spaces ahead.

The bet trial

There are also 2 challenges that the players who are trailing can use to try to catch up both of which are a blast. The first is sudden death in which the players involved try to put events in the correct order and the final challenge is the more or less challenge where the player in the lead leads the players getting closer to the exact date of an event by telling them more or less until 1 player gets it right.

The challenges

This game is designed to play over and over. There are also additional cards which can be used to make this game more fun and they can be used on their own as well. I only have 2 complaints about the game. The first is the directions. They are short and meant to be easy to read, they are that but in my opinion they are not explicit enough. The second is the cards. The artwork is beautiful but the cards are very small and makes it difficult to read them from around the board. These are 2 small complaints and are easily overlooked. The game play is awesome and loads of fun. I highly recommend this game for anybody whether you are an avid history buff, competitive gamer or just a casual player on a Saturday night.

Time line challenge board game

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Play Value 8/10

Components 8/10

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In Conclusion this game is a fun game to play and it gives a twist to your basic trivia game . And with all the additions available it will never get old. Let me know what you think about my review and contact me at bob@table-top-war-games.com if you have any games you want me to review. In the meantime keep gaming. You can get this game at the links above or

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