Star Wars X Wing Miniatures game review: Space Combat at its best

X Wing Core SetX Wing Fantasy Flight Miniatures Game

Game Type: Miniatures Flight game

Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Games

MSRP $ 39.99

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My Rating 8.5 out of 10. Well worth it.


I recently purchased the X wing miniatures game and I was pleasantly surprised. The packaging is absolutely fantastic. This will make a great gift for any Star Wars fan and for any flight game fan as well. It shows two beautifully detailed Tie fighters and the Classic X wing we have all grown to know and love. The models are good looking and durable. When they are assembled and ready to play they look great.

X wing Fighter

X wing fighter

3stickThe flight templates are easy to see and visually appealing. The set comes with a quick flight booklet to get you started and then the full rules. You can turn any 3 feet by 3 feet area into the Star Wars Universe. This set turns any night into a games night. The rules are simple enough to get into the game easily but they are varied enough so you wont get bored. There are also lots of add ons that will keep the game fresh. You can fly the Millennium Falcon made famous by Han Solo, Tie Bombers seen in the Empire Strikes Back and all the new ships seen in the Force Awakens. Star Wars X Wing the miniatures game is a great addition to your gaming collection. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me in the comments section below.

Robert Tufano

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